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It’s time for many CSUN students to get an opinion

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this editorial do not necessarily reflect the views of the Daily Sundial staff.

Here’s a tip for all you students. Many of you possess the social skills of a 15-year-old cat that has crawled over into its favorite corner to die a slow and miserable death. I’m not exactly sure why you spend so much time on campus when you clearly do not want to be bothered by anyone else.

Being a journalism major, you either have to be very outgoing and personable, or you need to acquire those skills quickly. If I was afraid or uncomfortable talking and interacting with people, my job would be about as enjoyable as getting a daily root canal. I genuinely like people and I like it when I meet someone new on campus.

I have been very disappointed lately, however, with the number of students on campus usually just sitting outside reading, students who are quick to dismiss someone from the Daily Sundial. We are here to bring you news and to represent you at the same time.


Think about your major for a second. In case you missed this concept, let me refresh your inbox for you. Chances are, you will have to converse with somebody once you graduate, so you may as well get used to the idea now and start practicing. That’s what school is for – it’s a mini society. This is your chance to brush up on the skills you lack so you don’t present yourself as a total moron when you interview or, miraculously, get a job immediately out of college. This is a society designed to fail, so before you get spit out into the system, change the system.

I approached this student on campus and asked her if she wanted to be a part of the “Campus Voice.” (Note: if you are reading this, you probably know what the “Campus Voice” is.)

She got this look on her face like I was a ghost or something and shook her head. She didn’t even speak. She shook her head like a caveman. This is what I’m talking about and why I am feeling harsh right now. This was, however, not a one-time thing.

I finally found someone else who was willing to participate, but once he found out that I needed to take his picture, too, he quickly changed his mind. I did not know we had so many students who are part of the witness protection program. Seriously though, if these are the same people I will have to deal with once I graduate, I am frightened.

Here is where I defend you now: I can’t say that I blame some of you for being uneasy when people approach you. We go to school on a campus where it’s not unlikely to have someone ask you to “find Jesus” after you go to your “free movie screening” in between “hating Bush” and helping to “clean up the environment.” Yeah, it’s a circus where you are being solicited for your money or your soul.

That does not mean I am dismissing your refusal to show a little school spirit once in a while. Like I said before, if you don’t want to be bothered, do not leave yourself open. You may get asked to share your opinion. That is, of course, in the rare instance that you actually have an opinion. Get one now before it’s too late.

I hope this gets you riled up and you flood my e-mail address with e-mails proving me wrong. Get excited, get mad or get left behind.

Jason Tanner can be reached at

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