Letter to the editor


Excellent article. I am a CSUN student and had the Tuesday paper with me in the car. I just got a chance to read it after work now that I’m home and I applaud you for writing a wholesome article. In fact, your article is just like an article you would hear at NPR. You did not make comparisons of NPR radio to the rest of the radio stations like KFI (which is like the radio equivalent of Fox News) but I’m sure you had limited space.

Nevertheless, you got the point across efficiently by choosing Fox News. It’s the sleaziest “cable news” channel on the planet. It’s the reason why the rest of the world laughs at America, the reason why Americans are seen as ignorant.. and so on.

We expect Fox 11 to be sleazy (which started “The Simpsons” and used to show “Married with Children”) but who knew their sleazy model would work so well for news stations. Anyway… thanks again for the great article.

– Anto Kizirian