Candidates’ platforms for future of A.S., students


CSUN is home to over 34,000 students, yet many don’t realize how powerful their voices really are. Students not only have the right, but the ability to determine the future of their college experience. A.S. is an association composed and run by students in collaboration with CSUN administration to provide the student body an outlet for communication. I believe that with a leadership comprised of innovation and determination, A.S. can become a better instrument for student involvement.

As A.S. president I want to focus on improving our campus by means of :

? Collegiate Involvement ? Bringing ‘Matitude’ back to CSUN’s attitude ? Student Awareness and capitalization of shared governance.

CSUN students have the potential to flourish as spirited, scholarly and active community members. The main ingredient to this success is the support of A.S. and CSUN itself. CSUN has so much to offer, not only academically, but with organizations, clubs, and athletics. A variety of opportunities are available to get involved, but it is too often the case that students are not aware of what is going on around them. Communication is key to spreading this information to every student; hence, improvement in marketing is a major part of my plan. Facilitating involvement by means of awareness can create a better atmosphere of community and school spirit.

Revenue from tuition alone amounts to thousands of dollars which can be allocated to benefit student experience. Proper appropriations can allow us to have social events (i.e. concerts, tutoring, and better equipment/facilities) which can help transition CSUN from a quiet “commuter” school to a lively college community where everyone feels the desire to get involved.

– V.O.I.C.E.

? Advisement has always been a concern for students at CSUN. Since advisers’ schedules are over loaded, they are often not available and when advisers are available they rush the meeting and seem uninterested in the student. “111 You Decide” proposes that we train students to advise students. Who better to advise students than upper-division and graduate students who have already been down their educational path? This would ease the time constraints placed on students when they are being advised for courses to take. ? We, as students, have also noticed that classes we need to graduate fill up very quickly leaving many students out to dry. Time and time again we have all experienced not getting into a class because the Web portal shows that it is full. What “111 You Decide” proposes is to push and support the University’s new program for the Web portal, in which you will choose your classes for Fall and Spring ahead of time. This allows the University to see which courses are being highly requested by students and would allow more classes to open when needed. ? Also, clubs and organizations appear and reappear constantly. Why is this? When club and organization officers graduate, many new members are faced with the challenge of becoming leaders, but without any guidance. 111 You Decide, would like to work in conjunction with the Matador Involvement Center and aid in creating a program that would allow this transition to occur with ease. ? In addition, “111 You Decide” also intends to enhance school spirit in many different forms, including supporting “Mission Matadors,” having more school dances, diverse programs, and prep rallies before athletic games. School spirit is the essence of a college experience and is needed to create everlasting memories here at CSUN! ? These are only a few of the changes we want to make throughout the next year. All we want is the chance to make these ideas a reality.

– 111 You Decide