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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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Daily Sundial

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He said, she said: Is chivalry dead at CSUN?

He Said By Justin Satzman

I am sure that after reading this, a majority of women out there will think I am a pig. However, I am writing this in the hope that we can clear up some confusion.

I do not believe chivalry is extinct. It is, however, dying and women are the reason for it. It is very confusing for guys who hear all day long about how women can do anything a man can do and want to be treated equally. So when I hear this, I try to apply it.

Now when I apply this, I do it in everyday life, not only on dates. I get weird looks as to why I do not always hold the door open for a woman or always ask them to go for a drink after work. I treat them as I do all of my other co-workers and when I do, they do not like it.

On a date, I try to be a gentleman by holding doors open, taking their coats and pushing their chairs in. But half the time, they respond negatively and wonder why I am doing this, as if to say, “Does he think that I can’t do this myself?” Maybe I am dating the wrong kind of girls, but it seems to be a common occurrence.

Then when it comes to paying for the bill, I am happy to pick up the tab. But it is nice for a woman to offer to pay at least for herself once in a while. But if women truly wanted to be treated as equal, they would always want to pay for themselves.

All I am saying is that, as women, please do not say something that you do not in reality want. Tell men what you want and do not make us figure it out. Because if you continue to say you want to be treated as equals, when in reality there are times you don’t, chivalry will continue to suffer.

She Said By Bethania Palma

One day last week, I happened to have about 15 or more books that I needed to return to the Oviatt Library. Since I am too poor to own a parking pass, I am one of those individuals who always parks along Nordhoff Street. Considering the distance between Nordhoff and the library, the last thing I wanted to do was trudge back and forth twice from my car to the library, so I decided to suck it up and get it all done in a single trip.

The stack of books I was carrying was probably at least about a fourth, but could have been closer to a third, of my height. They didn’t seem too heavy at first, but carrying a stack of books that large was extremely awkward, and my posture was completely thrown off. I imagined, for some vague reason, that it was a possibility that someone, probably a gentlemanly male, might ask me if I needed some help. About halfway to the library, with my back aching and my arm cramping, I had no offers of help, though I could have used some.

It’s not like the campus was deserted, there were plenty of people around. I probably walked by at least 50 men, but many were preoccupied by loitering with open-mouthed, vacant stares and listening to iPods, or walked right by, either ignoring me or not noticing me with the veins now popping out of my arms and beads of sweat forming on my face. Even as I approached the Oviatt’s heavy doors, not one man bothered to open the door for me. Apparently, standing around and looking lame while a girl struggles by you with at least two dozen pounds of dead weight weighing her arms down is far too compelling.

So don’t tell me chivalry isn’t dead. At CSUN it is, at least, because I can’t think of any other reason as to why this might happen, other than the fact that I am 6’5″ and ripped.

That’s a joke.

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