Smashing sounds of South

Matt Hurley

At first, South may sound like yet another British rock group on the coattails of successful acts like Coldplay and Oasis. But upon more attentive listening, you might find that South places their emphatic twist on the genre. The April 25 show at the Troubadour was an eye-opening experience in this respect.

Los Angeles’ own Something for Rockets put on a set that you couldn’t help but dance to to open the night. But the night was made for the musical stylings of South.

On tour supporting their newest record “Adventures in the Underground Journey to the Stars,” South came out swinging with new songs like “A Place in Displacement” and “Up Close and Personal.” They played some hits, such as the delectable “Colours in Waves,” from their past albums.

Those unfamiliar with the band may recognize them from their hit song “Paint the Silence,” which was featured on “The OC” soundtrack, as well as the HBO hit “Six Feet Under.” The people at the show seemed like loyal fans, which surprised me.

Isn’t it strange when you think you are the only person who knows a band, as though you’re some music elitist?

For two hours South kept the falsetto-enthused energy up, even when lead singer Joel Cadbury came out to do a solo rendition of “Flesh and Bone,” which captured the entire audience’s complete focus.

A highlight from the show was when Cadbury, who kept switching from electric guitar to bass to acoustic, put his guitar on his lap and played it like it was a lap steel.

Since their 2002 album “From Here On In,” which found moderate success here in the United States, the band has been touring throughout the country trying to get a following with other well-known bands like Stellastar.

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