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Democrats should take a stand for midterms

As some of you may know, this November marks the midterm elections in Congress. It is basically a chance to vote in new senators and house members. This vote could possibly be as big as the 2004 election that saw President George W. Bush defeat Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

As of right now, the Republicans control both the house and the senate. But hopefully, that will change.

Since 2000, ever since the Republicans have had control of both the legislative and executive branch, the country has gone in a downward spiral.

The economy has gone down, we now have a mounting deficit. And let’s not forget that war in Iraq.

Here are some key issues that the Democrats should use in order to take back Congress. The first point that Republicans will use is the Iraq war and how Democrats voted for it, too.

All Democrats have to say on this topic is, “Yes, I voted for the war. But I voted for it based on faulty intelligence given to me by the Bush administration.”

The fact that Kerry did not say this in any of his speeches during his campaign killed so many Democratic hopefuls that it was sad. It points blame back to Bush, where it rightfully belongs.

The next big issue that Republicans will hit Democrats on is security and how Republicans keep the country safer.

All Democrats have to say is that Bush and his Republican friends ignored evidence from people such as Richard Clarke about 9/11 and knew about the attack before it happened.

Or, the Democrats could talk about the fact that the Bush administration alienated the majority of our allies and now we are basically taking the burden of war in Iraq alone, with no help from the U.N.

If we want to talk domestic policy, what about gas prices and how it is ironic that a president who has friends in the oil business is watching gas prices go up to record highs and seeing Exxon Mobil collect over $8 billion quarterly.

I think it is disgusting that Exxon Mobil’s CEO is basically making $100,000 a day while people scrape money together to pay for a gallon of gas.

Another domestic policy that is going to become a huge topic is abortion. The Democrats must take this topic back and be the frontrunners for it. Democrats need to take a stand and be pro-choice.

Most Democrats care too much that it may make the moderate voters upset. They need to take a stand on this issue. They do not need to go out and say they are pro-abortion, but they need to go out and say they respect a woman’s right to choose.

What about education and healthcare?

I bet you did not know that if the Bush administration spent as much money on healthcare and education as it did on Iraq, every single public school and hospital could have been improved.

I find it ironic that one of the reddest states in this country, Kansas, sued the federal government for under-funding “No Child Left Behind.”

But the most compelling topic that the Democrats need to fight for is the environment.

For too long the Republicans have rolled their eyes when a “liberal” refers to saving the planet.

While the Republicans have been rolling their eyes, the planet has been suffering and fighting back.

Don’t believe me?

Ask those in New Orleans and how the rise in global temperature has and will cause more severe hurricanes.

This is an issue that is vital to the Democratic party. This is our big issue. Let’s use it to out advantage.

Talk about how if one owns a hybrid, they get to drive in carpool lanes when they are alone.

Talk about the savings that one could benefit from if they get 40 miles to the gallon.

Then talk about how big automotive businesses should get tax breaks if they sell a certain amount of hybrids. You don’t think big businesses would not clean up their act if they received tax breaks? Get off of oil and then people will save money.

The Democrats, however, should use the old scare tactic that Republicans use when talking about the environment.

They should say that if we as a nation and as a species do not do something about global warming soon, the human race could be in for a world of change. No pun intended.

Now, in California we do not have the opportunity to vote for senators-our two senators are not running for re-election. But we do have a governor election in November, which will be as important as the midterms.

I suggest we get informed on the two Democrats who are running because we are going to have to choose between Steve Westly and Phil Angelides this summer.

It is not to late to repair the damage that the Republicans have done to this country.

It has happened before, not too long ago, with a man named Bill Clinton. History can be repeated.

But instead of fighting the Republicans for the 50 percent who vote, why not fight for the 50 percent who do not always vote because they see no difference between the two parties?

It is time for the Democrats to be Democrats again.

Justin Satzman can be reached at

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