Night Horse?s blues-tinged ?Dark Won?t Hide You? mixes aggression with optimism

Alfredo Madrid

Aloud medley of hard rock meshed with bluesy sounds best describes Night Horse’s latest album.’ ‘The Dark Won’t Hide You’ is an aggressive depiction of fading love and a prospective spiritual future.’ Although the album barely tops half an hour, the six tracks deliver a screeching tour de force paired with classic rock tunes.

The Los Angeles-based group was founded in late January 2008.’ The dark lyrics of this latest effort keeps the listener on edge as the fast rock pummels the eardrums.’ At times melodic and calm, the domineering intensity and passion of the rock ‘n’ roll are constantly present.

‘ In the title track, ‘The Dark Won’t Hide You,’ issues of introspection, self-revelation and self-understanding are touched upon.’ ‘Turn the page you gotta open the book / To make the change, you gotta look at yourself’ sings Sam James Velde.’ He continues with the idea of honesty in the following lines, ‘How you gonna run when you know the dark won’t hide you?”

An appropriate name for the song, the title also defines the album succinctly.’ The album would be missing a vital ingredient without the singer’s style and overbearing persona.’

Formerly part of a group named Bluebird, Velde spent a few years roaming the underground music world in vain searching for an appropriate rock ‘n’ roll group.’ Night Horse proved to be exactly what his artistic endeavors desired.

‘Wicked Love’ explores the longing that a lonesome man feels toward an indifferent woman.’ ‘She makes you smile and now you’re a child,’ expresses Velde as the music gets louder and heavier.’ During a middle section, as the music and tempo slow, the vocalist continues, ‘She flies in on a painted wing / She’s the one you’ve been dreaming of’ reminding the listener that love is heavenly in its illusion.’ By the end of the song, the meaning of its blatant title hints at the outcome of ‘another chance for you for wicked love.’

Overall the theme of the album is uplifting and inspiring if not a bit too energetic. The lead, rhythm, and slide guitars played by Justin Anthony Maranga and Gregory Hill Buensuceso dovetail each other in a powerful fashion.

‘The Dark Won’t Hide You’ is a dim path into an individual’s psyche that still manages to retain some hope and optimism in a bleak world.

Four stars out of five