Physical therapy offered to public

Cyro Duarte

The Department of Physical Therapy will offer a variety of practice areas this month, especially for children and people with walking problems.

The Physical Therapy Center for Advanced Physical Practice will have services ranging from bone density screening and computerized motion analysis.

The department is also going to offer rehabilitation workshops and classes. Additionally, osteoporosis and stress testing, orthopedic evaluation and treatment will be offered.

“Since we are self-supporting, we are going to charge a fee in order for the public to use our services,” Beling said.

The center will be funded through fees, grants and donations, among other types of funding, she said.

About $100,000 from CSUN was provided to the department for the building of the center, Beling said.

Fees charged will depend on the kinds of services people receive, she said. Services include a three-dimensional motion analysis lab.

The center was chartered last fall.

Sharon Kinard, executive assistant at the University Student Union, recently called the department to ask about its aquatic therapy pool. She recently injured a nerve on her upper spine while at the gym and is looking for a low-impact, non-weight-bearing aerobic activity per her doctor’s orders.

“I don’t have a problem with the department charging a nominal fee for therapy provided by supervised, upper-division students in training,” Kinard said. “If they are providing a responsible, low-cost community service, why not supplement the funding needed for facility and equipment upkeep?”

The chair of the Physical Therapy Department, Janna Beling, said she is looking forward to the facilities opening to public.

The department has provided service to the state of California as a program since 1971, she said.

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