Poetry corner: On love, lust, and the campus


The Call of Kilimanjaro By Daniel O’Brien

Do you hear the call of Kilimanjaro? I do. She beckons to me like a lover. O, how I long to go to her:

To cross the Shira Plateau, That I may kneel at her feet, I will open my mouth in song and I will praise her with my lips. I will compose a melody to her splendor, And sing of her radiant light, a light that Penetrates even into the darkness of my heart.

All day long my thoughts are only of her. At night she fills my dreams.

It is my one desire to ascend her, To climb her lofty peak, To drink from her living waters, To quench my burning thirst in her sacred springs.

O that she would open up to me, Revealing her dark secrets, Sharing her hidden treasures. In my conquest, I would surrender my soul.

How wondrous it would be, To spend the night on her slopes, Sleeping ‘neath the starry vault of heaven. My head on her bosom, My ear to her breast, Surely the angelic host would enjoin The chorus to the music of the spheres.

Do you hear the call of Kilimanjaro? I do. She beckons to me like a lover. O, how I long to be with her.

The Horizon of Love By Vergine Garanyan

The blueness of the sky and the blueness of the ocean, Reached each other and made the horizon of love. Jealous waves and big clouds tried to bother the harmony of love. No matter how hard they tried, the blue horizon – The mixture of two unending love, didn’t lose its beauty…

The sky was giving its infinity to the ocean, The ocean was giving its blue deepness to the sky. Both were creating the beauty of love – By making horizon as a sign of their love’s trueness And a proof of its deepness … CSUN By Nicole Sharp

In each room, stories are being told, lessons learned, history reenacted. These walls echo with life. Within each building, futures are being constructed, hopes of obtaining the unimaginable. This is where we come, to this of many institutions. This is why we chose this of many institutions. Under the magnolias and pines, we read into the past. One the lush carpet of lawn, we discuss. Grateful for a chance to broaden the horizon. Smile upon the fact that you are here. So now, as the tower bellows its time, bask in the enjoyment, the richness, the diversity, of this campus.