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iPhone 5 has potential


The iPhone 5 was recently released; too much hoopla and fanfare from Apple groupies, selling over three million copies in the first weekend of release.

Courtesy of MCT

I braved no crowds when picking up the iPhone 5, but did wait a few hours because AT&T had issues connecting the phones at Walmart.  So, was all the hype surrounding the phone worth it though?

Camera – Compared to the 4S, the 5 has the same camera, but for all those with the 4 it adds an extra three megapixels and face detection.  It makes it perfect for all those girls that want to post pictures of themselves making duck faces on Facebook, by focusing in on your face in the picture.

Siri – All of us iPhone 4 users felt left out when Siri came out for the 4S and we were left without anyone to talk to.  She can be your best friend when you’re lonely, call you whatever you want and find information without ever getting mad at you for not listening to her.  The iPhone 5 now allows her to access sports scores;perfect for when your fingers are too lazy to reach for your ESPN app to check on them.

– Change is the hardest thing to do, but after a falling out with Google, the iPhone 5 brings us Apple Maps.  The 3D awesomeness of the maps feature can’t save the overall use of it.  It is years behind the Google Maps app that was a standard through the iPhone 4S.  Glitches were reported the first day by new users and had many upset.

– They always say bigger is better. There are no size issues or competition with the iPhone, they still blow the competition away and are far from a mid-life crisis.  iPhone users were left in the dust when Android phones increased their sizes, so Apple bucked to peer pressure and created a not overly huge screen, but something manageable.  When you pull it out people will jump back in fear of it size. They’ll be so amazed by the display their eyes will bug out.

– The redesigned connector must have been created by a drunk employee that was unable to figure out which way they had to turn the connector to plug it in because now it is smaller and reversible.  What happens to all the old connector products?  Say hello to a $29 adapter.

– Impatient users need worry no more if they need a score update or photo loaded this second, as the iPhone 5 is now LTE capable.  Obviously you need to be on a network that has a great access to this feature, Verizon is the best, especially in the LA area.  It doesn’t even look as if the web pages load anymore, instead you fly to the page mere seconds after opening the browser.

Is it worth it?  I’ve had my new iPhone 5 for a couple of weeks now, upgrading from a 4, and I love it.  If you want to be on the cutting edge of technology with Apple, the 5 is the phone for you.  Bearing you don’t mind carrying an extra ounce and smaller screen, stick with the new iOS upgrade for the 4 and 4S and save your money.

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