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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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Daily Sundial

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Little money, big problems for A.S.

There was little mention of the fact that there is only $2,300 left to be allocated to over 300 clubs and organizations for the rest of the semester as President-elect Abel Pacheco reprimanded the current Associated Students (A.S.) administration for their relationship, or lack thereof, with the University Student Union (USU).

‘We don’t have any money,’ was all that Sam Scruggs, director of finance could say during his financial report of A.S. accounts. All the money had been allocated throughout the semester to clubs and organizations that requested it first.

During their latest meeting on Tuesday, $5,400 was allocated to the clubs who submitted a budget request leaving the rest to be allocated in some way to over 300 clubs and organizations on campus for the last four weeks of the semester.

‘At this point we will have to turn clubs away,’ said Scruggs.

‘They should have definitely learned to know to allocate their money differently,’ said Teresa Mack, a senior communication studies major who was surprised about the money management of A.S.

Another hot topic was the motion to purchase a 20-foot projector for A.S.’

The proposal was introduced by Josh Hansen, the Films Director of SPACE, in a move to save A.S. future spending in the rental of projectors for movie showings. The proposal also stated that many clubs could benefit from this free projector and would not have to pay outside fees to rent any.

Currently A.S. spends nearly $7,200 on renting a projector and a screen for two semesters.’

The amount was deducted from the capital account set aside by A.S., specifically for physical maintenance of campus programs, said Sam Scruggs the Finance Director. The money that is allocated specifically for students would not be tapped into.

‘Think of the costs that we spend on allocating (money to) clubs and organizations for large screens and projectors? This is an investment in the long run,’ said Senator Montana Pham another supporter.

Pacheco offered to postpone the decision to buy the projector and work with the USU, which is considering the purchase’ of a projector.

‘We can work together with the USU so we can use their projector, saving us money,’ said Pacheco.

Pacheco currently serves as the Vice President on the USU board of directors and was also re-elected for next semester.

Pacheco stated that next year during his administration he would try to collaborate with the USU.

‘We have no collaboration because the current president and vice president have not approached the USU,’ said Pacheco.

‘Why wait for the USU who may or may not buy a projector when we can do it ourselves,’ said Vice President Nicole Umali. ‘It is already hard to schedule a room with the USU, we cannot depend on the USU to handle that.’

The discussion quickly ended after Scruggs stated that the money in the capital reserves was for items such as a projector and that in the long run it would be an investment.
A.S. eventually approved to spend nearly $19,000 in the purchase of an inflatable screen and projector.

‘Unlike the current situation, I have a unique perspective because I am the vice president of the board,’ said Pacheco.

When asked how he currently tries to work in collaboration with the USU, Pacheco stated that he has tried but has not been ‘as successful’ but hopes he can be.

‘There has always been a divide between the USU and A.S. There always has been rivalry,’ said Umali. ‘There have been efforts made by us, but we both are not on the same page.’

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