Letter to the editor


I just got through reading your article, and it really stood out to me. I saw “Unied 93) a couple of weeks ago or so and I was going through the same emotions as you. I felt the same way, and thought some of the same things as well. Then a couple of days after I saw “United 93,” I saw a movie that tells the truth of what happened to “United 93,” or should I say what didn’t happen. The movie I am speaking of is “Loose Change 2nd Edition.” After seeing this movie, I can not help but think that “United 93” was hogwash. “Loose Change” not only tells what didn’t happen to United 93, it tells you what really happened at the Pentagon, and the Twin Towers. The people of the U.S. need to know what really happened that day, and need to be shown who the real terrorists are. I highly suggest that you now see “Loose Change!” It will give you a whole new perspective. To find “Loose Change” just Google search it, then I recommend that you download Google media player first so that you can view the movie in higher quality, then download it and wait to be shocked. It would be cool if you could email me back and tell me what you think.

-Louis Borbas