Questions raised as RHA elections close early

Oscar Areliz

Residential Hall Association elections were shut down an hour early on May 16.

“I decided to close down the polls because of employees at housing interfering with campaigns of particular members,” said Jasmin Young, current RHA president and election commissioner. “I chose to shut down the polls.”

The polls were shut down after an incident in the residence halls involving executive vice president freshman candidate Veronica Gutierrez.

Community directors allegedly interfered with the campaign of Gutierrez on Tuesday, who ran for vice president.

Gutierrez provided musical entertainment and organized a barbeque for students in the residence halls may 15 and 16.

There were no problems reported the first day of her campaign. Community directors informed Gutierrez that she had not requested to have the event ahead of time and therefor had to move her campaign festivities to a balcony or the front of the building, Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez was told to move her campaign to a balcony in a building because she was supposed to reserve the location ahead of time, Young said.

She moved her campaign to someone’s balcony, but then received complaints from people in the building.

After having no problems May 16, Gutierrez was receiving complaints the next day. Young decided to shut down the polls an hour early fearing that the barbeque would have an effect on election results.

The barbeque held by Gutierrez did not violate any of the campaigning rules held by RHA.

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