A.S. discusses freshmen camp and voting privileges

Agnes Constante

The Associated Students (A.S.) discussed implementing a freshmen camp to supplement new student orientation during its Friday meeting at the Grand Salon.

The proposed location for the camp would be Castaic Lake, where CSUN has ties, said A.S. President Sydni Powell.

The purpose of the camp is to get students more involved prior to them actually stepping onto campus, said Tim Szczepanski, outdoor adventures coordinator.

Tim Szczepanski, Outdoor Adventures Program coordinator and staff member of the SRC, believes that a camping program could prove beneficial to CSUN in terms of easing freshman into the university setting. Photo credit: Fredy Tlatenchi / Daily Sundial

“We’d do this through a three-day camp that we would take students out and basically teach them a little bit about the campus but basically build relationships so when they come here that first day they know somebody already, they feel comfortable,” he said.

Further discussion on this item will be pursued in subsequent meetings.

Another discussion item involved granting voting privileges to members-at-large of standing committees. There are five committees outlined in the code on standing committees. Members-at-large are granted an unofficial vote, which allows them to voice their opinions to voting senators.

Marquise Foster-Johnson, senator for the College of Humanities, said allowing this would improve the perception that A.S. may be one-sided.

“That goes against what we stand for,” he said. “We have to be aware of what this might look like to someone who doesn’t understand how A.S. works.”

Attorney General Mellad Khoshnood said there is no way votes can be made impartially, and other members voiced concern about the responsibilities associated with voting. Khoshnood said there is no way for A.S. to enforce that members-at-large actively participate in the committees.

The student government also approved the allocation of $750 to the CSUN Photo Club for its lecture series from the assigned contingency account, $150 to Hi Rez (CSUN’s student advertising and graphic association) from the unassigned contingency account, $706 to Phi Beta Sigma for its sixth stroll competition from the assigned contingency account and $800 to the Critical Theory Club.

On another note, A.S. Chief of Staff Paige Andrews reported that there were more than 13,000 Big Show tickets sold.