Letter from the Opinion Editor’s Desk

Maliha Jafri

The Sundial, along with most other college and university newspapers, have a tradition of changing editors every semester in order to give everyone a chance to experience the different positions available, and understand the process of publishing a newspaper. Every semester is different from the last. With newly acquired positions comes a new flavor, feel and perspective.

The Sundial is a group of personalities working hard to bring you complete coverage of the events and topics most influencing our campus, and to bring you commentary of each situation. The Sundial is a campus paper and so it reflects the campus and its students. Every day will have its own adventures that are not for the faint of heart or spirit.

The news will be as unbiased in nature as humanly possible but on the opinion page, the unbiased nature will have to be, understandably, waived.

On the opinion page, we will wear our biases on our sleeves and show our contradictions, but we will convey the truth to the best of our knowledge with minimal propaganda.

We will not be dove-loving Democrats or hawk-minded Republicans – but Americans, with a thirst to express ourselves in the most academic way possible. We will be working around the clock covering anything from Lebanon to elections to Hanukkah.

I encourage you to get involved and present your opinions and commentaries. Bring in your ideas and use this page to express yourselves. When you voice your opinions, just make sure that you have a point and that you’re not going off on a rant.

This semester I would like to encourage you to write guest columns about pretty much anything under the rainbow minus a few obscene topics as well as Letters to the Editor. By submitting your work, you grant the Sundial the right to publish, distribute, archive, edit and use the work in print, electronic or other format. Although we are unable to acknowledge those letters we cannot publish, we appreciate the interest and value the views of those who take the time to send us their comments.

When we make mistakes, we will immediately correct the record but I also encourage you, our readers, to bring our mistakes to our attention so that we may correct them.

We will be placing controversial topics upon the table, pushing the envelope and watching it bend. It’s how we chose to act and how we choose to influence that inevitably conclude our actions.