‘The Walking Dead’ recap (11/5) spoiler alert

Casey Delich

      In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, we get back to the nitty-gritty with some zombie killing and learning about what’s been going on with Rick’s group and Woodbury.

            The prisoner’s that Rick gave an extra cell block to want to renegotiate the terms of their living conditions, but Rick and the group vote the proposal down with T-Dog the only one saying they should be able to live with them.  They are going to release them back out into the world until all hell breaks loose.

Something has opened up the main gates of the prison, flooding the grounds with walkers and splitting the groups off into completely different directions.  T-Dog gets bitten while trying to close off one of the gates, but says it’s god’s plan for him.  During the chaos everything in the prison seems to be going off, attracting more walkers, and forcing Rick to ask the prisoner’s for help in turning off the backup generators.

Michonne and Andrea prepare to leave Woodbury, after Michonne discovers the truth behind the National Guard raid.  Andrea gives Merle the location of the farm the entire group was at, his request to take a search party there is denied by the Governor however.

Lori starts to go into labor while she, Maggie, and Carl are trying to elude the walkers.  They duck into a room out of sight of the walkers where her labor pains become increasingly worse.  As she starts to push something goes wrong, and Lori begins to bleed, while a shocked Carl looks on.             Once in the generator room, the prisoner that Rick left for dead with the walkers attacks him out of nowhere, and a battle ensues.  Trying to convince his fellow former prisoner to shoot Rick, he is shot dead and peace is restored to the prison.

A C-section is required for Lori’s baby, a tearful goodbye to Carl is given because of Lori’s certain death.  Rick finds the group and sees Maggie, Carl, and newborn baby, but no Lori, and breaks down crying while Carl looks on expressionless.