Letter to the editor


It’s not Maliha Jafri’s hijab I’m curious about, what concerns me is what is in the head which wears the hijab; what is in her brain.

How does she feel about Jews , how does she feel about the State of Israel, about America, about British citizens of Pakistani origin who blow up buses in the name of Islam.

Has the head beneath the hijab ever publicly denounced Islamic terrorism ?

On 9/11/01 my Muslim Mother-In-Law repeated (in a language from a distant land) one refrain over and over. My wife translated it; “We Muslims have a narrow heart, a narrow heart.”

My Mother-In-Law knew shame and voiced it. Has Maliha Jafri, or even a fraction of the one billion Muslims of the world done so ?

On the 5th anniversary of 9/11 the Sundial could have done better on its Opinion Page than to describe to us the ‘perils’ of being a Muslim Woman in America. 9/11 is about the peril of being an American in a world in which one billion Muslims would not be particularly upset if the United States of America were to vanish into thin air tomorrow.

-Wayne Cohen