Letter to the Editor


In the article “Ingredients of college students with healthy relationships” by Jessyca Dewey you differentiate students by walking STDs whom are considered the normal and cool type of students in college. Then we have the abstinence students who do not have sex. If the abstinence students are attractive others might think that they hold off on sex either because they are in a relationship or because there is something really wrong with them. I agree that the abstinence students are the smartest out of the two groups not just because of the risk of getting pregnant or STDS but because of the psychological effects. I have seen psychological effects happen too many times to both girls and guys. They’re too sexually active and as a result it interfered with their school work or keeps them in mediocre relationships. I have friends that had to seek counseling for a broken heart. Thanks for writing about an issue that is not really talked about in college.

– Brenda Valadez

In regard to the Sept.11 Opinion page I would just like to congratulate you (Maliha Jafri) on the excellent articles you wrote. I am glad to see a Pakistani Muslim woman taking some initiative.

I wanted to let you know that you are not alone and wanted to offer some encouragement. As you have said, there is plenty of hate and bigotry against Pakistanis and Muslims in general. I guess it is up to us, set these views straight in the minds of the others.

I will be looking forward to reading some more great material from you. Good luck!

-A fellow Pakistani proud to be a Muslim, Ashar Ali

In regard to the ‘Letter to the Editor’ published Sept. 14 talking about the Sept.11 Opinion page: We are very curious to know why is Mr. Cohen is questioning Maliha Jafri about her feelings about the Jews, Israel, America and British citizens. Did he actually read the story at all? Are we to believe that Ms. Jafri doesn’t count unless she prefaces every sentence with a condemnation of terror committed in the name of Islam. If he had read the article, he would have seen that sentiment and sensibility infused in her experience as a young Muslim American woman dealing with the aftermath of profound acts of violence committed in the name of her faith. As Muslim Americans, we work tirelessly with FBI, DHS and local law enforcements to protect our homeland, the United States. How dare he say that, “one billion Muslims would not be particularly upset if the United States of America were to vanish into thin air tomorrow.” While we can’t speak for all Muslims around the world, we can say that we, as Muslim Americans, are in the front line of war on terrorism and we ask people with foreign interests, like you, to stop judging us and start working with us as we protect our homeland, the United States. Now for our feeling about Jews and the State of Israel, we believe in a two independent and democratic state solution, where both Palestinians can Israelis can live together peacefully.

-In Peace, Muslim Student Association