Hush, Hush’s ‘Finale’ is worth the wait

Amanda El Khoury

          In the midst of the craziness  a healthy brain relaxation may be needed. A good way to forget about to-do lists is to open up a brand new book that will pull you into another world. A good book series that does this is“The Hush, Hush Saga” by Becca Fitzpatrick, which consist of four popular young adult novels,  the last one was released late October.
The overall story focuses on Nora Grey, a high school student, who had no clue that fallen angels exist until she meets Patch Cipriano. Nora dives into the world of fallen angels to discover that body possession and the ability to control someone’s mind is real. Also, she finds out that there is a crossbreed called Nephilim, which is the result of a sexual interaction between a fallen angel and a mortal. For two weeks out of the month of Cheshvan, a unholy timeframe, a fallen angel can take possession of a Nephil which results in fallen angels being able to physically feel as if they were a human.
In the last book of the series, “Finale,” Patch and Nora’s relationship goes through it’s battles such as break-ups and kidnappings, but they still find ways to make it grow by defying the odds. Nora discovers that she is a Nephil and becomes the new leader of the Nephilim race. One of Patch and Nora’s toughest battles is to stop a war that is on the verge of occurring between the species of Nephilim and fallen angels. As well as keeping their relationship in tact.
“Finale” is full of suspense and mystery as Nora tries to discover who she can trust and who is trying to bring her and her army of Nephilims down. Readers may have their guesses to who is behind all the trouble, but the reveal of the true mischief-maker will be a major surprise. Patch, the love of her life, is with her each step of the way and the moments between them will make any reader melt. “Finale” is the perfect closing to such an amazing saga and will leave fans more than satisfied as they discover where the characters are in their lives.