Letter to the Editor


I wanted to let you (Justin Satzman) know that your opinion piece on fear, brought up some valid reasons to question the information by the White House Administration. But you then use another false fear to make your argument.

1. If the US Military was not in Iraq, what makes you believe that we would have been in Lebanon, fighting along side with Israel? I was mentioning this because of your last name, because the IDF could wage a war and has before.

2. Do you even know how many people are in the US Military, to say that we could not attack North Korea or Iran because everyone is in Iraq is not true at all.

3. Then you bring the California Guard into account, I guess those troops at the border couldn’t be reassigned if need be, plus the 16,000 CA Guard troops that are not in Iraq. Now if you would have made an argument that the War in Iraq is depleting our military surplus of supplies and weapons that would have been more compelling and very truthful.

And for some reason this impeachment part at the end didn’t really tie into your story. But other than that keep questioning everything and keep telling people to look for the truth, regardless of political Parties.

-Jose A. Tejada