Get to know … #13, Billy Ott!

Alonso Tacanga


Full Name: William Andrew Ott
Date of birth:’ Feb. 20, 1988
Place of birth: La Palma, Calif.

Height: 6-4
Weight: 190 lbs.
Class: Junior

Experience: 2 years
Position: Pitcher’ ‘ ‘
Stats:’ ERA .619, B/Avg .307, SO 32


– Food – Pancakes
– Movie – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
– Band: Jimmy Eat World
– Actor: Bill Murray


– Greatest difficulty – ‘My biggest problem is balancing baseball and school. I came from a rigorous academic high school, so I try to keep academics as a priority.’
– Greatest accomplishment ‘- ‘Playing Division-I baseball. I’ve gotten to play against the top competition in the nation. It’s a huge privilege for me.’
– Most embarrassing moment ‘- ‘In my first at-bat in high school, I hit a homerun. I ran to second and tripped and sprained my ankle. I couldn’t’ play for a couple of games after that.’
– Motto – ‘Love the life you live. Live the life you love.’


– Best part of my game ‘-‘ ‘My ability to compete.’
– Part of my game that needs improvement ‘- ‘My ability to take negatives away off the field. I carry it on my shoulders a little longer than I should.
– Best player I’ve ever played against: ‘(Teammate) John Parham. In inner squads, he’s always giving me a tough out. I hate pitching to him.’
– Pre-game rituals – ‘I sleep.’
– Best non-Matador player I’ve played against:’ ‘Jerry Clark from Cal State Fullerton.’ He’s one of my toughest outs this year. It’s difficult to get him out.’


– Favorite Player: Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano
– Favorite team(s): ‘Cubs and Angels, I’m from Anaheim.’
– Who’ll win the 2009 title: ‘The Angels. Definitely..’


– My future plans: ‘I want to play professionally. Hopefully after this year, I get drafted high enough to sign and play. If not, I’ll be back here and keep playing.’
– People I admire the most: ‘My parents. They’ve been my rock my entire life. They’ve made this whole baseball thing a reality for me and allowed me to pursue it the way I have.’
– Toughest coach: ‘(CSUN Assistant Coach) Mark Kertenian. He’s been a huge influence on me. He works me hard to play the game right. He makes me appreciate what I have, not take it for granted.’
– Playing games in the scorching heat: ‘In the summer, I played in Palm Springs and we had games when it was 120-125 degrees, so I got a little used to it.’
– Matador Field getting night lights some day: ‘Sigh … that’s my dream. I’d love to play under the lights here. It’d get more fans out, too.’
– Video games: ‘Our whole clubhouse plays Rock Band. We get really into it in the fall.’
– My Nickname: ‘Otterpop’