Bejan Siavoshy

The spastic environment of cities often allow for that which ascends far beyond the close-minded generlization of “vandalism” to be grossly overlooked, only receiving due praise in the graffiti subculture from which it was spawned. Deviating from the norm and making people take notice requires a rare mix of zeal, talent, bravado, and a moderate thirst for destruction, countered only by the drive to create-characteristics that renegade artist Banksy has tenfold. The English graffiti artist first started dabbling in graffiti at age 14 in his hometown of Bristol. What began as a hobby turned into a habit, culminating in an ongoing artistic assault that has carried him all around the globe, breathing new life into cityscapes and providing unconventionally creative social commentaries on the palpable, yet ignored, aspects of society today.

Among Banksy’s most notable exploits are his 2005 trip to Israel, where Banksy painted nine images on the West Bank barrier, team-ing up with producer Dangermouse to fully reconstruct Paris Hilton’s album, and placing an inflatable version of a Guantanamo Bay detainee in the display area of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland. Banksy’s recently compiled work was shown on display in a warehouse llying on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles. With alleged warrants pending all across the world from his expressions via spray can, it’s no wonder the showing of Banksy’s maverick artwork is titled “Barely Legal.”