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Owens will not be caught dead on Sunday

Arizona at Atlanta

Johan: Leinart or Warner, it doesn’t matter. The Falcons got embarrassed on Monday night and the Cardinals are going to pay for it. The shotgun option that Atlanta added to their playbook this season was shut down by the Saints and the Falcons’ receivers couldn’t hang on to the football. Being a Falcons fan, it was a tough loss to swallow, but the birds will make it up this week.

Oscar: Kurt Warner struggled to hold on to the football last week and will continue to struggle against a Falcons defense that is looking to make fans forget their Monday night performance. Falcons get back to their winning ways.

Dallas at Tennessee

J: I actually think there’s a better chance of seeing the Titans commiting suicide than T.O. The guy loves himself too much for that. Tennessee has played horribly for three straight weeks and they will lose…again.

O: The Titans almost upset the Dolphins last week, but just lack…well, they lack just about everything. Dallas should pick up a road win.

Indianapolis at N.Y. Jets

J: The Jets’ defense doesn’t exactly put fear into an opposing offense. They’re ranked 27th in the league in pass defense and 25th against the run, so Peyton Manning will have a field day leading his Colts to 4-0.

O:The Colts’ offense was slowed down last week by the Jaguars’ defense, but it wasn’t stopped. The Jets have looked impressive, but they won’t impress the Colts.

Miami at Houston

J: Daunte Culpepper has started off the season with the best David Carr impersonation ever, being sacked 15 times in three games. Carr, on the other hand, has the highest QB rating in the league and will make sure the Texans come away with a win this week.

O: The Dolphins continue to underachieve after barely beating the Titans last week. Houston has struggled as well, but look for them to pull a win at home. Texans finally get a win.

Minnesota at Buffalo

J: Minnesota is like the annoying team that doesn’t want to go away. They have either won or lost by three points in every game this season and this week will probably be another close one, which they will lose.

O: The Bills have lost two close games, and the Vikings just came off of a tough loss to the Bears. It’s a close call, but the edge goes to the Bills.

New Orleans at Carolina

J: Talk about playing off of their momentum. The Saints steam rolled the Falcons on Monday and I don’t think the Panthers will be able to stop them either. Steve Smith is finally back, but Jake Delhomme has looked rusty, only completing 55.6 percent of his passes and throwing for one touchdown. It won’t be a breeze, but the Saints will win.

O: The Saints are looking like contenders after beating the Falcons to get a 3-0 start in the season. The winning streak will unfortunately come to an end for the Saints. The Panthers get back to .500.

San Diego at Baltimore

J: The No. 1 and No. 2 defense in the league go head to head this week, so it will probably be a great game if you like field goals. The Chargers will win because they have the third best offense in the league, which will get them in field goal range more often.

O: The Chargers’ offense looks impressive, but so does the Baltimore defense. The San Diego defense is solid, and should be able to stop the Ravens’ weak offense, forcing the defense to be on the field longer than it would want. The defense will get tired, and allow Ladanian Tomlinson to get into the end zone. Chargers take one on the road.

San Francisco at Kansas City

J: The 49ers have the fourth best offense in the league, go figure, but they might be without starters Frank Gore and Vernon Davis, who were injured last week. Kansas City need a win and will find a way to get it done.

O: The Chiefs have improved on defense, but are missing something on offense to help Larry Johnson get more yards. The 49ers have looked solid at times and will continue to do so. The Niners get a road victory.

Detroit at St. Louis

J: The Rams are not looking too hot. The only reason they won last week was because Kurt Warner has fumblitis and gave away the game. Detroit has shown flashes of brilliance and will beat the Rams carried by wide receiver Roy Williams.

O: It is difficult to tell which Rams team will show up, but against the Lions’ defense, Bulger should have a good day. Rams win big at home.

Cleveland at Oakland

J: Don’t read too much into last week’s game, the Browns have a history of playing the Ravens very good. Having said that, they will walk all over the NFL’s new punching bag that is, the Raiders.

O: The Raiders are really bad, and the internal problems will make them worse. The Browns finally get a win this season.

Jacksonville at Washington

J: The Jaguars’ defense will smother Clinton Portis and the rest of the Redskins’ offense in a week four win.

O: The Jaguars did a good job of slowing down the Colts, but failed to do anything offensively. The Redskins’ win last week showed how important Clinton Portis is to the offense. The Redskins surprise many with a win.

New England at Cincinnati

J: The Bill Belichick era is officially over. The Patriots lost too many key players in the off-season and will struggle for the most part this year. Cincinnati seem to have more problems keeping their players out of jail than beating their opponents, but will keep their winning streak alive at home.

O: There is no slowing down this Bengals team, which has good receivers not named Chad Johnson. The Patriots aren’t looking like Super Bowl winners, and they will continue to not look good against the Bengals.

Seattle at Chicago

J: No Shaun Alexander against the Bears will hurt the Seahawks. They will have to go to the air, and the Bears will be waiting for it. Chicago’s mix of a solid running game and stout defense will get the win.

O: The Seahawks finally found an offensive groove last week against the Giants, but also lost their MVP running back, Shaun Alexander, to injury. Chicago’s defense continues to carry the team, but Seattle will find a way to break that defense. Seahawks win a close one.

Green Bay at Philadelphia

J: Brett Favre is on fire, but so are the entire Eagles. Philadelphia will most likely win, but never count out Favre and his rocket arm. My pick is still the Eagles this week.

O: Donovan McNabb has thrown for 960 yards and seven touchdowns in three games. The Packer defense has allowed 903 passing yards and nine touchdowns in three games. If you have McNabb on your fantasy team, you better start him because he’s having a big day.

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