?Castle? manages humor through cliche

Ofelya Martirosyan

ABC’s ‘Castle’ is about a writer in need of new material and a detective who could use a little fun in her life, airing Monday nights at 10 p.m.

Rick Castle, an extrovert played by Nathan Fillion, and the self-conscious detective Kate Beckett portrayed by Stana Katic, are complete opposites. She’s the adult, he’s the child always told to stay in the car, who never manages to stay put.

Beckett’s strict follow-the-rules no-nonsense persona gets boring too quickly. But don’t give up on her too soon because though at first too one-dimensional, her character later develops some depth and mystery.

There is a hint of compassion steaming from her yet-to-be-revealed past.’ She tells the daughter of a victim, who asks her how to deal with the pain of losing someone, ‘One day you’ll wake up knowing that you don’t mind carrying it around.’

When pissed off, she predictably goes to a shooting range.’ Castle’s response, ‘When I get stressed, I just use stress balls and internet porn.’

Castle is no Colombo.

He’s a smart aleck, who’s likable and annoying at the same time and in need of a lot of growing up. Divorced, he lives with his mother (Susan Sullivan) and teenage daughter.

Brought to consult the police on a copy-cat case based on his writings, Castle picks detective Beckett as the inspiration for his next crime-mystery novel.’ As a well-known writer and a local celebrity, Castle pulls some strings with the mayor to get to follow around the detective, who annoyed by him says, ‘You’re trying to squeeze me for some pulp for your fiction.’

Though she acts like she can’t stand the guy, as unsurprising as it may be, a romance seems underway.

The crime-solving is too predictable, the plot-line has been done before, but the writing is good.

And one more thing, it’s funny.