Questions to ask yourself for the Nov. 7 ballot


You have to hand it to him. Amid allegations last week that Republican Rep. Mark Foley had preyed on young (read: minors) male pages, George W. Bush did what he repeatedly does best: changed the subject, managing an attempt to hide his party’s own hypocrisy by trotting out the tired “Democrats are soft on terrorism” thing, and presumably did little to no actual work at, you know, running a nation that is currently enmeshed in a fraudulent war.

It seems important to note here that I am registered as a Democrat, but I’m perplexed as to whether or not there is an active Democratic Party. I’m told there is, and I’m hoping to see its members take control of the country as a result of the Nov. 7 election, but the lack of action by them in the national government makes me doubt their existence in small yet definite ways.

Depending on how old you are, you might remember a time when the Democrats actually controlled both the House and the Senate (No, seriously, I swear such a time actually existed!). They lost control 12 years ago, but we still had a Democratic president – and then there was Monica.

An adult woman had a sexual affair with the president. They both lied about it. Republicans wasted no time getting an impeachment process in order, and selecting a former baseball team owner/part-time governor as their guiding presidential-nominee light.

Now, we are dealing with a 16-year-old boy who was the object of Foley’s affection. The jury’s still out on who knew and when, and more boys are revealing their own Foley stories, according to ABC News. Bush has said vaguely that he’s disgusted with Foley – but no one else is receiving blame, because guess what? There is still a midterm election in less than a month, and people being publicly ostracized by the president tends to discourage their own re-election. And this leads to the Republicans possibly losing those 15 seats the Democrats need to regain control and (hopefully) turn this country around.

Never mind that someone sexually preyed on a young boy (possibly boys) – there’s an election and they need votes!

Under this White House administration, nothing will happen as a result. People might get a slap on the wrist, a few might resign for “personal reasons” (meaning: they allowed it to happen for years).

The Democrats need to get moving on this, they need to help start an actual investigation that will punish the guilty parties involved. Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly will make sounds on TV about what vultures Democrats are for bothering to investigate, say that it would be some partisan attack. But everyone knows that those two are basically insane, and normal human beings should know that if children have been preyed upon sexually, the perpetrators should be punished as soon as possible, their re-elections be damned. Some people would see it as payback for Clinton; but these are the same individuals who would, I have come to believe, do or say anything to keep their candidates in office, to retain GOP power in the House and Senate.

You will likely see many more columns in the Sundial about the midterm elections before Nov. 7. Here is something to keep in mind: Do you really want the party that would hide sexual crimes, and keep it hidden to remain in office, to retain the top powers of this nation? I didn’t think so.