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Owens caught up in the heat of the battle

In the arena of competitive sports, there is no greater feeling than exacting revenge on someone you feel disrespected you, out-showed you or kept you from performing at your highest ability. Tempers flare, especially in a physical game like football.

Last season, the Philadelphia Eagles sidelined Terrell Owens for half of the season. His four-game suspension plus being benched for the remainder of the season kept Owens from performing.

Owens is not the greatest teammate, but that doesn’t defeat the fact that the man has unbelievable athleticism for a wide receiver and wants to win every game.

His actions leading up to the suspension were not something to be ignored and the Eagles had good reason to do what they did. However, looking at it from Owens’ point-of-view, the man apologized in an attempt to get back on that football field (an unsuccessful attempt) and was willing to continue to work with the Eagles to win, putting old sentiments in the past. Yet, the Eagles had seen enough.

Once released, it was not a big surprise to see him sign with the Cowboys. Is it a coincidence Owens would sign with a team that plays against his former ball club twice a year, perhaps in an attempt to make them regret their decision to not play him and then release him? The New York Giants, Washington Redskins or Dallas Cowboys were the most likely of candidates for that very reason.

After a much anticipated wait, Owens had his chance on Oct. 8. The Eagles, however, came prepared and once again took the spotlight off of him.

This game meant more than any other game this season. Owens clearly stated he would return in time for the game in Philadelphia after breaking his ring finger in a previous game.

However, Owens was held to three receptions for 45 yards, not including the fact that he was shut out of the Dallas offense the entire first half. Quarterback Drew Bledsoe looked his way very little in the first half and forced some passes to him in the second half.

Not the ideal return to the city you helped take to the Super Bowl two years earlier.

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, whom Owens had been criticizing, had a spectacular game. It had to be much to Owens’ disliking to have to watch McNabb have a far more superior game.

On the sidelines, Owens publicly showed his displeasure in what surely had to be a frustrating day.

He questioned the amount of times he received the ball with good reason. Not naming anyone specific, he also implied a certain player lost the game for the team, also with good reason. In a game so tight, any one play can change the outcome.

Owens pointed out the flaws of his team just in the wrong way, but you can’t blame him. If there was one game he wanted to win this season, it was that one. He will face them once more this season, but even if they win, it won’t be the same.

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