Letter to the Editor


In response to the article “Is America safer after 9/11?” by Yohanna Baez published on Thursday, Oct. 5.

It is quite erroneous to suggest that by leaving the terrorists alone we won’t be creating any more terrorists. There was another venture America took – Somalia. America left Somalia after a black hawk helicopter was shot down and of course Islamist radicals took credit for shooting down the helicopter.

After 9/11 and America leaving Somalia those same Islamist radicals are still fighting and taking control of much of the country and its capital. The Somalian lesson would be the same with Iraq and Afghanistan. The terrorists would be emboldened should America leave as how the Communists in the Viet Cong were when America left South Vietnam, leaving most of Southeast Asia ripe for the picking. I know this is an unpopular stance I am taking, but running from the problems, which these Islamist radicals will create won’t stop terrorism. The ideological background of these radicals of Islam support the ideal of a global Islamic Caliph and they won’t stop until it’s achieved.

It is quite shocking to me how many people are not ready for a post-9/11 worldview and would rather head back to pre-9/11 worldview. It is quite unfortunate to see this trend at the cost of losing future innocent lives.

– Maxwell Hoffman,

history major