Letters to the Editor


In response to “Friends of the Oviatt offers book deals” by Micah Flores published on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

The library saves you money on books – What a novel idea? I must say as a student, it is nice to know that some part of the CSUN institution does encourage education without the need to sell a kidney to get it.

I find the current textbook prices to be nothing more than highway robbery. I am reminded of a story. I heard that during the 9/11 crisis both the Salvation Army and the Red Cross were there on the corner to give water to the people surrounding that area. However, the Red Cross charged a one dollar fee for the much needed water, whereas the Salvation Army gave it to all those in need. I bring this story up because the wisdom that schools offer is like the much needed water. To survive and flourish, my generation needs education in order to strive for greater wisdom than previous generations possessed.

Without the “water,” the world is doomed to repeat failures, as we have no knowledge of them and no incite to correct them. While the water in New York only cost one dollar, the prices will inevitable go up. Which begs the question – will there always be a Salvation Army?

My fellow classmates and I attended a state school. I have no knowledge of a more cost effective way to learn. That being said, how many of the CSUN graduates leave this campus with debt hanging over them? Thankfully the library has started to hand out the “water” my generation constantly needs. If only the school would think about the students’ needs. And if they continue to refuse the obvious, then someday when the administration is old and gray and in need of a hand up, my generation will be there on the corner charging one dollar to all those in need.

– Ashley Cobb, communication major

In response to “Dorm rent increases benefit future students” by Nicholas Collard published Tuesday, Oct.10.

The title of the article caught my attention because I know how it feels to be a resident at the CSUN dorms and have the rent increased yearly. Rent is $543 per month at dorms whereas rent is $374 per month for an off campus apartments. The off campus apartments are very similar to the dorms when it comes down to appearance and size. In the past I lived for two years at the dorms and had to move out because it was difficult to pay rent when the cost is being increase every year. I got an apartment and I pay less than $400 per month and it’s much closer to campus than the dorms. Hopefully after construction is over for the 400 bed spaces the, cost will be regulated.

– Brenda Valadez