Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

My husband and I read with interest your two recent stories about the Matador Patrol and the fact that CSUN refuses to take a proactive stance regarding criminal background checks.

As the parents of a freshman girl living six hours away from home in the dorms, your investigative report has opened our eyes to a most disturbing situation. We also want to say how much we enjoy reading your newspaper on a daily basis! Excellent coverage of very pertinent campus topics that have given us a vital connection to CSUN climate and culture. Keep up the good work!

An Open Letter to Anne Glavin, Chief of Campus Police and Captain Scott Vanscoy, Matador Patrol:

As parents of a CSUN freshman, we read with great interest The Daily Sundial’s two investigative reports regarding the lack of criminal background checks and fingerprinting for Matador Patrol Officers.

We will now think twice before we advise our daughter to seek a Matador Patrol escort when she walks back to the dorms from Cypress Hall twice a week after her night classes.

As the 3rd largest public university in Los Angles County (CSUN website), this policy is the epitome of being “penny wise but pound foolish.”

With more than 30,000 students attending CSUN, the $3,840 cost of Live Scan fingerprinting amounts to approximately $1.28 per student. A small price indeed when compared to the cost of a lawsuit after a student is assaulted by a Matador Patrol officer who “slipped through.”

As the recent spate of tragic school shootings illustrates, intellectual development is of little importance when student safety is in jeopardy.

So we ask you, Ms. Glavin and Captain Vanscoy, how would this policy change if a daughter of yours were the first victim?

As other large and small universities have already done, we hope you will take the opportunity to proactively reconsider your shortsighted policy so you are not put in the sad position of reacting to what could be tragic consequences.

– Two concerned parents,

Debra and Geoff Ullmann