Acting for Justice: The Life of Justin Rabi, Senior Theater/Criminology Major

Carla Acevedo-Eldredge

CSUN student Justin Rabi is the same actor who played “Antonio Bun-deras,” “Edward James Almost,” “Scare Face,” and three more characters in the comedy “Ole for Hollywood,” the first campus production of the semester. The senior student theater/criminology major just finished working in the play that consumed a lot of his time and dedication, but from which he also received a lot of praise. Rabi rehearsed every night until 10:30 p.m. and some nights even close to midnight.

However, he kept his calmness and playfulness at all times. He joked around with his fellow actors, and even though by 11:45 p.m. he was tired and eager to go home, he stayed later than the time required to help the costume designer look for his lost keys.

Rabi’s girlfriend Lindsay Sacks, who is also a theater major and shares a class with him, eased his busy schedule. She would pick him up after rehearsal and offer to do the make-up for the male cast members of “Ole for Hollywood,” who didn’t have that much experience with make-up.

Rabi was born in Chicago, Illinois on March 26, 1986, but was raised in different places like Virginia, New York, and even Canada. It was at the age of seven when he decided to become an actor. As a child, Rabi spent most of his time watching movies in the back room of the video store where his mother used to work. He used to imitate different characters, especially superheroes, which he is still a big fan of. He is also a big fan of Al Pacino, who he imitated for the play.

Though he grew up with a love for acting, he knew there is also a chance of not making it in the business and that’s why he decided to pursue an education in the field of criminal justice as a back up. His decision for criminology, he says, “is curiosity for knowing the forces that control the system, which drives the people who make and break the law, and to understand the game I have to know the rules so I can change the system the right way.”