In the Sundial on Oct. 19, a photo on page 3 the B3 parking structure stairwell was credited incorrectly. The photographer is Jennifer Day.

The error is in Cynthia Rawitch’s quote, “The largest UC campus?” It should say, “The largest UC class is larger than the largest CSU class.” (class, not campus). The point I was making was that even our large classes are small in comparison to UC’s.

In an Oct. 18 article written about the documentary “Unrest,” a few pieces of information were wrong. In addition to Miguel Duran, three students (Martha Sanchez, Carlos Moran and Karina Ceja) and two faculty members (Gerard Meraz and Maria Elena Fernandez) also executive produced the film. The correct title of the film was “Unrest: The Development of the CSUN Chicano/a Studies Department.” The events on campus in the late 1960s directly inspired the creation of the Chicano/a Studies and Pan-African Studies Departments only. Several black students – no Chicano/as) took the administration building in the late 1960s, and a black football player was kicked off the field during a game, not kicked off the team. When Delmar T. Oviatt, then president of the university, declared a state of emergency, 286 students protested.