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Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

The student media organization of California State University Northridge

Daily Sundial

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Letters to the Editor

I thought the TA article was quite interesting and information. However, I noticed there was no mention of the TAs who were kicked out of the program this semester by CSUN Human Resources, because they were also staff members. This despite the fact there are about 30 staff who also teach. I guess having a bureaucracy in place is more important than having a TA for the freshmen students.

– Richard-Edward

de Vere

I am appalled as a student at CSUN by the fact that the Matador Patrol are not checked out. After reading “No criminal background checks for Matador escorts” I felt a sense of betrayal. I expect ANY patrol to be check out before employment. The head of the Chief of Campus Police, Anne Glavin, stated, “They’re basically a door monitor” and as she goes on to say anything that would put them in the “quasi- police role.” Why on earth call them patrol then? It’s almost like a rent -a-friend. I don’t understand why you would give them a title of authority and knowledge when they never are taught or expected to behave with such virtues. How ridiculous!

– Ashley Cobb,

communication studies major

The A.S. releases election advertisements, incites controversy. Kudos to Marvin Boateng and his African Student Organization! I admire your courage in bringing to our attention the lack of diversity in the advertisement cards for the Associated Student elections in November. With our country changing at such a dynamic pace and the national population at 300 million, we can’t help but put diversity at the forefront of our agenda. The reality is diversity is not natural. Sometimes we must go out of our way to seek others point of view and seek opinions from those who wear a different cultural lens than we do. This wonderful city and campus gives us the opportunity to become champions of diversity with the multitude of diversity dimensions we have on-site. Thank you to the A.S. marketing for pulling the cards from circulation. I hope that this has brought another level of awareness not only to A.S. but to the CSUN community in general.

– Edith Castillo

In response to “More work put into A.S. recycling programs than some students realize.” I agree with this article because it’s important that we take care of our environment by recycling. Like Adrian de la Rosa puts it, “Please, we need volunteers. Even if it is just for an hour, every little bit helps” I know that most students are busy and don’t have time to recycle but we should give back to our community by making your recycling hour your way. I am extremely busy with school and work but I recycle every possible way. I call it my multi-tasking recycling solution. I recycle whenever possible. When I am at school I throw my papers in the blue recycling trashcans. I am a compulsive coffee drinker so I invested in a coffee mug. At work a coworker and I asked other coworkers to make it habitual to separate both plastic and aluminum drinks from the rest of the trash. Lastly my roommate and I give all our plastic bottles and cans to a neighbor who then recycles them. Please dedicate your hour to recycling and you will feel like a better person.

– Brenda Valadez,

business law major

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