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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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Daily Sundial

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Get sushi for happy hour

To satisfy a sushi craving for under $20 dollars, visit Sushi Mac.

All day, everyday their prices are $2.75 per plate.’ The menu is limited to two types of roll fillings, spicy tuna or crab meat, which may seem dismal but the spicy tuna is so good it makes up for the lack of variety.

The menu is organized into the number of pieces per dish, but the prices are the same throughout.’ The only appetizer served are hot soy beans but are perfect for munching on while watching the sushi chefs fill orders.’ ‘

Two-piece sushi plates include your choice of salmon, tuna, albacore, freshwater eel, octopus and egg, among other things.’ It’s best to get there at 11 a.m. or about 3 p.m.’ when they make fresh batches of rice.

The warm, lightly vinegary rice tastes amazing with a fresh slice of salmon on top.’ The eel sushi is equally pleasing with the crispy skin against the soft cooked meat all lightly drizzled with eel sauce.’

Sushi Mac also makes plates that are usually four pieces of a roll with different toppings.’ One plate they offer is a spicy tuna roll with crunchy shrimp tempura pieces on top with their own spicy mayo.’

The six piece plates are rolls with seaweed on the outside; while eight piece plates are rolls with seaweed on the inside.’ The best among them is the spicy tuna with salmon on top, deep fried.’

The only cons about Sushi Mac are parking and seating.’ The plaza has’ valet service but parking is still very tight because of the Starbucks and postal office store that share the same lot.’ The seating inside can also be just as bad, especially on weekends or at night.

Another great sushi place is Kabuki, which was recently voted best Happy Hour for 2008 by Pasadena Weekly (there are several locations with one right in the valley).’ The sushi menu for happy hour has great prices along with quality fish.’ From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Kabuki serves up a variety of treats for under $5.

Their happy hour appetizers range from broiled mussels to salmon rollers, gyoza dumplings (potstickers) and ‘fire cracker’ (two scoops of spicy tuna served alongside crunchy chips) costs $3.95 for the simpler items to $4.95 for the fire cracker, calamari rings, and sesame chicken.’ ‘ ‘

The fire cracker has a spicy kick that creeps up on unsuspecting taste buds and the chips served with them have a nice crunch to contrast the soft tuna.’ The dumplings were fried perfectly, sitting on a light sauce with a beautiful bunch of fresh greens to garnish.’

A happy hour menu wouldn’t be complete without drinks, since they are the main course for most happy hour attendees.’ Their specialty drinks are very fruity and disguises the alcohol well, for those who do not particularly enjoy the taste.’ The ‘Red Cheeni’ is a must-have, with Japanese vodka, lychee liqueur, and pomegranate juice, it’s absolutely divine.’

So if you’re in the mood for cheap sushi at any time of the day, head over to Sushi Mac on Ventura Blvd. and Noble Ave. in Sherman Oaks; or if you’re in the Woodland Hills area, go to Kabuki at Ventura Blvd. and De Soto Ave. for a very happy hour.’

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