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Comedian, CSUN alumnus plays C?sar Ch?vez in one-man show

A CSUN alumnus performed a one-man show portraying the life of C’eacute;sar Ch’aacute;vez and the struggle of the Latino workforce for equality.’ ‘ ‘

Fred Blanco performed ‘The Stories of Cesar Ch’aacute;vez’ Tuesday, Dec. 2 at the Northridge Center in the University Student Union as part of the ‘Walking in Your Shoes’ series hosted by the Leadership and Life Skills Institute and the USU.

The story portrayed Ch’aacute;vez’s life, and his plan to get equality for his people in a ‘non violent struggle for justice.” ‘ With strikes and marches they worked to achieve better working conditions, equality and a better life for their children.’ Fred Blanco stars in the production where he has spent the last three years performing around the U.S.’

Ashley Weber, a 21-year-old Spanish major was in attendance and enjoyed the message.’
‘I went to a bilingual school, where we learned a lot about Cesar Ch’aacute;vez,’ Weber says. Weber came to the show for a class but was interested in learning more about a heroic figure.’

In ‘The Stories of Cesar Ch’aacute;vez,’ Blanco plays a number of different characters.

‘I wanted to be able to show as many different perspectives as possible,’ Blanco said.’ He wanted to show the good and bad in everybody.’ ‘

Blanco says that he spent years researching the life of Ch’aacute;vez reading books, watching documentaries and talking to people that knew him.’ Blanco has talked to the activist’s brother, his bodyguard as well as new people he has met that knew Ch’aacute;vez while performing the show.’ Blanco is always trying to learn more.

After graduating college, Blanco noticed the need for Latino and one-man shows.’ He was a little apprehensive about putting together this show because he didn’t know if it would be successful.’ He enjoys doing a one-man show because he doesn’t have to worry about other actors.’ He recognizes that he may want to expand the show in the future.

‘I wanted to spread a positive message,’ Blanco said.’ ‘It is very satisfying going out and being able to share.’

The most challenging part for Blanco was not to make a caricature of Ch’aacute;vez.’ Blanco wanted to make every scene and character transition smoothly.

While touring with this show, Blanco has learned a lot about his culture.’ Through traveling and touring he has met a lot of welcoming people.’ Blanco hopes to spread the word of the story and life of Ch’aacute;vez as well as improving his Spanish.’ Blanco was very intrigues by the story and passionate about the man he is portraying.’

‘All of us need to pick something that we are passionate about, go with it, and take it to the ground,’ Blanco said.’

One of Blanco’s goals is to learn the whole show in Spanish.’ ‘ ‘Poco y poco,’ Blanco says, which means little by little.

Chavonne Rees, 25, a theatre major was moved by the performance,’ ‘The actor told the story in a really powerful way,’ Rees said.’ ‘I learned about Mexican Americans and their struggle in the labor force.” ‘ ‘ Rees liked the way that the actor created each one of the characters.’ ‘This was a very powerful message of human equality,’ Rees said.

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