The ice cream suit delivers delicious fun

Casey Rowley

I instantly felt connected and inspired by the characters of Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit,’ which opened Saturday night at the Fremont Centre Theater.

The quaint, white theater provided a nice escape to my busy schedule while I enjoyed some of the simpler things.’ ‘The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit’ gave me that opportunity with its comedic relief and lucid, yet meaningful message.

Director Alan Neal Hubbs helped tell the story of five young Latino men from East Los Angeles, Dominguez (Adrian Elizondo), Villanazul (Joaquin Garay III), Vamenos (Daniel V. Graulau), Gomez (Rudy Rodriguez) and Martinez (Eddie Ruiz), who are short on cash, but not on hope.’

They each pitch in enough money to buy one crisp white suit, rich and lush like the color of vanilla ice cream.’ Gomez describes the suit as, ‘White as a summer dream, white as angel wings.” The suit represents confidence and while it is a material item, it will help give each man the self-assurance needed to realize his dreams.’

The suit can help one get the prettiest girl on the block, have confidence to be an impressive public speaker, be a hit with the ladies and be a social success instead of a social pariah.’ Joaquin Garay III, who played the role of Villanazul, felt the play embodied culture and buddies coming together for one purpose.

The play is relatable and meaningful on many different levels.’ ‘It’s about wanting to fit in and about being accepted,’ said Daniel V. Graulau, who played Vamenos.’ He recommended seeing the play because, ‘It suspends you from the day to day pressures in society.’ It provides an escape from reality.” I’d have to agree with him completely.

There’s a fight scene in which they use a strobe light to create a slow-motion effect.’ I must say it is clever to recreate a slow motion scene in a live performance without any digital effects on your side and still make it believable.’

The actor who played Toro Ruiz, who instigates the fight scene, had already performed in the play 13 years prior.’ Paul Renteria enjoyed revisiting the play and being a part of the production again.

Ray Bradbury’s ‘The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit’ is a spirited production.’ It not only contains a commendable underlying message, but it provided strong humor throughout.’ It truly is a lighthearted, sensational play.