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Fashion dream girl has a brain

We all remember what she wore the night America elected the campaign for hope to run the nation. That horrid black dress, with sprinkled devilish red beading accumulating in the front and that accentuated square figure is a historic fashion sin. Since the moment that dress was projected on the jumbo screen on election night, Michelle Obama became a victim of harsh, relentless fashion criticism (High definition didn’t help her either.).

She may have obliterated her status as a first lady fashion icon with her repeated disasters, but one thing is clear about this woman, she is secure in her own skin.

No matter if it’s what she’s wearing, Obama is getting her own beaming spotlight, and as first lady, everyone is examining how she will fulfill her new job. Americans are fixated to learn if she will be more of an activist like Hilllary Clinton, or a traditionalist like her predecessor, Laura Bush.’

It’s easy for us to try and seek a comparison to judge her by. We want her to be fashionable like Jackie Kennedy, outspoken like Hilary Clinton and graceful like Nancy Reagan, but in reality, Obama is in a first lady category all on her own.

She has already built an unparalleled resume as the first African-American first lady, the first to be a descendant of slaves, the second-youngest since the 19th century, one of the most well-educated (Princeton and Harvard), and the most career-oriented up to now (as a lawyer, municipal official and hospital executive).

Obama knows she will be under an intense level of scrutiny for what she’s wearing or the things she’s saying, but what Americans will see is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. She is not concerned about what this country thinks looks good on her or what she should wear, but rather what good she will do for this country in the next four years.

In an interview broadcasted last Wednesday, Jan. 21 on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America,’ Obama said that she and her husband have ‘come to grips’ with the way their lives have changed ‘and we welcome the challenges as long as we can do some good stuff.’

We’ve already heard her husband acknowledge her as the rock in the family and the love of’ his life, but will she be the rock for this nation and will Americans fall in love with her?

While her opponents were trying to portray her as an angry black woman during the campaign, Obama spoke about how she will use this platform to help distressed military families, volunteerism and how to tackle the difficulties of balancing work and family.’

Without a doubt, her focus as first lady already seems to be oriented around the word ‘family’ and that starts with exemplifying a strong relationship with hers. The Obamas have become the authentic and desirable family role model and that’s all thanks to Obama, who is the self- proclaimed ‘mom-in-chief.’

Obama will contribute immensely to the next four years, even if it’s by embodying a strong, black woman. Minorities across the nation can resonate with her struggles and persevere in the way she has. Obama has become the quintessential role model to women of color in this nation.

For those waiting to be disappointed, keep on waiting because this woman is not the type to fail easily at her job. Her fashion choices may be in question from what we’ve seen so far, but for now, we can leave the trendy ensembles to Jill Biden.

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