Classic Modernization

Alexander Viray

Good old-fashioned rock-and-roll seems to be reclusive these days. With the emergence of dozens of new genres, it seems that the heart and soul of rock ‘n’ roll has been lost.
Then there’s Prima Donna, five guys who look to the roots of rock ‘n’ roll to create a sound that is reminiscent of decades ago, yet still very enjoyable to the modern music lover.

Prima Donna is comprised of Kevin Tyler Preston on lead vocals and guitar, Aaron Minton on saxophone and keys, David Field on drums, Erik Arcane on guitar and Daniel Nyby on bass. They have been together since 2004 and are constantly pressing forward with their own brand of catchy rock ‘n’ roll. Prima Donna doesn’t hold back, from their image to their music and to their live show, they give off the presence of well-established rock stars.
Some of their main influences include Ronnie Spector, Iggy Pop, Prince, Elvis, Josie Cotton and Jayne Mansfield.

Live, Prima Donna put on a stellar and exciting show that had the audience rocking out from start to finish. It’s obvious that they have a lot of fun playing on stage and have tons of experience at it as well. The crowd was definitely into the music almost as much as Prima Donna themselves.

The guitars and drums are extremely catchy with riffs and hooks that have obviously been heavily influenced from artists such as the Rolling Stones and Buddy Holly. The vocals complemented the music very well and the passion of the songs could be heard throughout the club. It was good to hear such an old school yet refreshing style of music.
Preston summed up the sound the best. ‘It’s like loud guitars, blaring saxophone and thunderous drums,’ he said.

The saxophone is rarely seen in emerging rock. Minton throws in a mix of saxophone and keys that bring a lot of flare and passion to their music. The subtle yet distinct saxophone parts add much more depth and originality to their songs, making Prima Donna stand out from other bands that much more.

Prima Donna reminds us of a time when music was played just for the fun of it and they really get the crowd into their music with their confidence and presence on stage. Prima Donna has accomplished a lot as a band, and has had a lot of great experiences together. They have gone on an eight-country European tour and also have received frequent airplay on KROQ, Preston said.

As a band there is so much more for them to accomplish, and Prima Donna doesn’t set the bar too low. For Prima Donna, or any other band for that matter, their ultimate goal is a lofty one.

Preston said it is ‘to have such an impact on the world that somebody sculpts our faces on the side of a mountain, just like Mount Rushmore.’