Matadors taking a break

Eric Gonzalez

The Matadors get a break from their usual two-game weeks this week to work on their rebounding and salute some accomplishments.

In their last game on Saturday, guard Tonicia Tademy made history for the CSUN women’s basketball team.

Tademy, a senior, set a school record for the most assists in a single season. There are still eight games left, which gives her the opportunity to add on to the 139 she has so far.

‘I didn’t even know I broke the record until someone told me,’ Tademy said.

Tademy is the assists’ leader in the Big West Conference. The closest player to her in the list is Lauren Pedersen of UC Santa Barbara, who has 80 assists.

Another top player for the Matadors has been guard Whitney Ligon.

She is seventh overall in scoring in the Big West and fifth in three-point scoring. Like Tademy, Ligon doesn’t try to focus on her accomplishments, but rather feels that her the scoring isn’t her doing only.

‘It’s mostly my point guard and my bigs that have helped me, not me alone,’ Ligon said.

Whether or not this has sunk in for the players, they currently have a break from action to look over what they have done so far to prepare for the rest of conference play. Their next game is Wednesday at Long Beach State.

The break has given the Matadors a chance to try new things and improve their rebounding, among other things.

Schulz said they are trying out new drills in practice and even adding some different competition.

‘We’ve been practicing with (some of the men’s basketball team members) now,’ Schulz said.

Tademy says that practicing with the guys has been good for them because they’re quicker and stronger.

‘It is good practicing against them because it forces me to make smart decisions and better passes,’ Tademy said.

Ligon agreed with Tademy and said that there is no one in the conference that would compare to playing against the men.

The team gave the Matadors this past Tuesday off and will do the same Saturday before it gets back into the heat of things at Long Beach.