Find the right technological support

Wyatt Jones

Technology sometimes causes trouble. Computers catch viruses.’ How does one get rid of nasty malware? Have no fear, if you’re computer illiterate there are some helpful tech support sites that can help with any computer problem. Some sites may have features that work better than others, but it’s more of a matter of personal preference as they all prove to be useful.

Those who are familiar with Best Buy must know of their elite group of computer technicians called the ‘Geek Squad.’ The site,, features tech tips which can give you added support for your electronics. With just a phone call, a Geek Squad agent can assist you with anything from Macs to IPods and their staff work around the clock allowing for 24-hour support. Though as helpful as the Geek Squad may be, their services may be a bit out of the price range students are willing to pay. For those who wouldn’t mind spending the extra cash for topnotch hardware support, this support might be for you.

Another interesting site is, a technical support site run by volunteers and paid for by donations and sponsors. This site offers free help through forums which are easily accessible with a simple and non-threatening interface that’s easy to navigate through to find the right tools needed for your computer. The site has a modest amount of members and the only downside would be that its simple interface could put some people off, but it’s still worth a visit.

A similar site to Techguy called’ acts as an assistant site. Anyone who joins in is able to find assistance on most any computer or internet related topic 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Help is accessible in the form of ‘Freebies,’ the forum’s index link. Although it’s fairly bare-bones when it comes to content and its interface, it’s clean and approachable., much like and, propose free computer support and computer related information online but only through e-mail. It boasts the slickest interface of the three. Unlike the other two, offers regular news updates and a blog informing people of new viruses to watch out for and other computer related stories. However, specific information is not as readily available as the previous sites.

CSUN too has its own technical support website,, that could help aid students in need. The Information Technology or ‘IT’ page gives tips on maintaining computers for both Mac and PC users, has free downloadable software applications such as anti-viruses and Adobe Acrobat Reader and overall delivers an efficient and reliable service to students. Theses services are barely the tip of the iceberg in regards to this division.

‘The scope of IT is huge,’ said Chris Ice, help desk lead for IT. The IT help desk is located in room 29 in the lower level of the Oviatt Library. IT allows you to get necessary assistance from staff. The help desk is almost the equivalent to Best Buy’s Geek Squad except there is no additional cost for service according to Ice.
Some students benefit from the local, walk-in service of the IT Help Desk like CSUN senior Brenda Gutierrez.

‘I went recently for password problems,’ said Gutierrez. ‘I think it’s a pretty helpful service.’

Several students would rather rely on their own skills to help with their computer problems. Tech savvy graduate student Steve Gee said that certain pay services were ‘a waste of money.’ Gee found self help through books, using them to aid him with computers and any problems he encountered.

Whatever your preferences, IT is a safe bet for computer service, but if you have money to spare, Geek Squad works as well. Still, the other sites are worth the look.