Tegan and Sara’s ‘Heartthrob’ proves to be a successful transition

Brian Andrade

Tegan and Sara, a Canadian indie band of identical twins, have been playing since 1995 but prior to their current success, the two had much trouble gaining recognition. It wasn’t until nearly a decade later when the pair released their fourth album “So Jealous,” did they make a name for themselves.

What makes Tegan and Sara a disntcitve group is their ability to lyrically express their music through all stages of romance. As the two proud lesbian sisters continued to produce songs based solely on their life experiences, fans were charmed by their honest and easily relatable work.

With an entirely new concept, the band released their ninth album “Heartthrob.” Tegan and Sara, who are no strangers to taking risks, gravitate towards a more vibrant pop sound; far more different from their previous albums.

The innovation made some fans skeptical since they feared the artists would become commercialized. The new album however, can be enjoyed by new listeners and originally dedicated fans.

“Heartthrob” continues to follow the band’s quirky lyrics and vocals, with a mixture of upbeat sound. The pair envisioned a collection of music that can be catchy yet powerful.

The album deals with feelings of heartbreak, empowerment, self-doubt and teen love. “Closer,” a very joyful tune, serves as the soundtrack’s anthem. It’s about wanting someone in not only a physical, but romantic manner. The track ultimately sets the album’s glossy mood.

Following along is “Goodbye, Goodbye,” a break-up song with a catchy chorus that reflects on knowing when to take an exit on a relationship gone wrong. Contrary from its lyrics, the track holds an eager percussion and keyboard sound that keep the feeling lively.

Another track about heartache is “Fool In Love” which has great harmonizing by the singers, each voice complimenting the other; additionally, it carries a slow, relaxed rhythm.

“Drove Me Wild” has 80s pop influence and further proves that the band’s new style isn’t too mainstream. The song itself is about having butterfly feelings towards a crush and “Shock To Your System” closes the album with heavy drumming paired with an edgier feel.

Overall, Tegan and Sara’s new voyage proves to be a success. As artists, they refrain from keeping it safe and continue to evolve while still having the same presence that made fans fall for them in the first place.