A.S. supports fundraiser for late CTVA student

Jacky Guerrero

In the wake of Diron Rivers’ death Associated Students (A.S.) have allocated $1,300 for a fundraising event that is intended to help the Rivers family raise money for funeral costs.

The money will be taken out of unassigned contingency, an account that any student can ask to receive funds from. A.S. agreed to help cover the cost of the movie rights, equipment and facility use, and advertising.

‘A $5 donation is all that we are asking for to help with the funeral costs. We expect to see his close family members there, friends and anyone else who wants to support us,’ said Adam Rodriguez, a childhood friend of Rivers.

‘We wanted to help out any way we can,’ said’ Ke’Andra Stephensen, a sophomore broadcast major and one of Rivers friends who spoke at the A.S. meeting asking for the funds.’

‘His friends came and approached me,’ said Audrey Younna, director of Student Production and Campus Entertainment (SPACE). The idea of showing his favorite movie came in lieu of his aspirations of becoming a filmmaker.

Initially they wanted to show his favorite movie ‘Super Bad’ but because the movie rights were too expensive and not in our budget we decided to watch his other favorite, ‘He Got Game,’ said Younna.

‘Originally we wanted to go to the Armer Theater. We had everyone’s approval and they all said it was OK, except for the dean,’ said Cameron Ginn a junior sociology major and close friend of Rivers. ‘The dean said repeatedly that it was an inappropriate use of state funds and would not allow us to show the movie there.’

‘All we wanted to do was show a movie,’ said Ramirez.

Rivers was a CTVA major, a major that is managed under the college of Arts, Media and Communications.

Robert Bucker, Dean of Arts, Media, and Communications and who oversees the use of the Armer Theater was unavailable for further comments during press time.

The fundraising event will be held tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the USU Grand Salon, there is no fee required at the door but any donations are welcomed.