Percussionist shares her perspective on music

Percussionist shares her perspective on music

Megan Diskin

By Megan Diskin
March 4th, 2013
Section: Features – Photos – Student Spotlight

Lindsey Eastham, 19, a sophomore music performance major, started playing music at a young age and enjoys every second of it. Photo credit: Karla Henry / Daily Sundial

Sophomore music performance major Lindsey Eastham, 19, thinks that there are two states of mind in life: The first includes being stuck in the past and always planning for the future. The second involves approaching everything with a clear mind, immersing oneself in every experience.

Eastham subscribes to the second state of mind.

“It’s really important in performing to be clearminded, none of that mind chatter,” Eastham said. “You really have to be in that mindset all the time to make that happen onstage.”

Her everyday demeanor reflects that mindset. Eastham flows with life’s everchanging current, no matter which way it takes her. It is this go-with-the-flow mentality that enables Eastham to constructively accept criticism from her teachers and conductors so she is better equipped to perform.

She doesn’t obsess over past mistakes. Whatever obstacle she is thrown, Eastham finds a way to be flexible.

As a music performance major concentrating in classical percussion, Eastham learns how to play a variety of instruments, but has taken a special interest in timpani.

“I want to get a timpani spot in an orchestra,” Eastham said. “That would be an ideal job to get away from freelance work.”

Eastham has been involved in music since she was 4 years old when she began taking piano lessons.

“Piano is the most useful instrument to know when studying music,” she said.

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