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‘Support for Israel must stop’
by David Klein / Professor of Mathematics, CSUN
enlightened citizen
February 11, 2009

Professor Klein,

I am very pleased with the fact you wrote this article and made people aware of what is actually happening. I find it ridiculous that the media is portraying a wrong picture and presenting it to millions of people across the globe. When such inhumane activities are carried out by Israel and the media and people try to say that Israel is the victim, it is an old trick that I am surprised still works in this era of nanotechnology.

Whom are these people trying to fool? People all over the world are unaware about the reality and hence are not demonstrating their support for the Palestinians. I believe once the facts are out, Israel is going to have a tough time answering questions.

Do innocent people deserve such treatment?

Is it the fault of a person if he not a Jew?

Try this, how would anyone (Jew or not) like it if his/her children are being killed with white phosphorus attacks?

How many of us would tolerate this?

Is this what humanity is all about?

These are the questions that we need to ask. Today, it’s the Palestinians, tomorrow it may be someone else. Talking about the past is not going to provide a solution to the problem we as humans are facing today. We need to let things go and move on in a manner that is ‘human.’

Professor Klein has showed lot of courage in spite of the opposition that he faced. We need more people like you Sir. And yes, those who think it’s a crime to make people aware of the facts, I want to tell them it is wrong to call yourself human if you support Israel after what they have done to innocent people. Wake up America!

‘The evolution revolution’
by Dr. Jerry N. Stinner / Dean, College of Science and Mathematics
February 11, 2009

When Charles Darwin first began contemplating ‘The Origin of Species’ even in its most basic form, he had a huge obstacle to overcome and that was the Catholic Church (and other religious sects) to try to circumvent. The given concept was solely creationism and a grand design by an omnipotent being. His publishing was the first of its kind, and very controversial at the time, about the concept that nature takes care of itself without the help of some extraneous source that is referred to by many as (a) God. Just the mere fact that life can form from a chaotic and randomized correlation of enzymes and amino acids should speak for itself. Isn’t that the essence of a God? To form life from nothing more than a few randomized molecules and then build them through natural selection into a sentient being. The want of humanism to apply their own characteristics to a marvelous process is referred to in a godlike manner is only natural, but nonetheless expected. Don’t get caught up in the he said/she said of his writings. Look at what he exposed and the possibilities of that he brought to each of us in the speculation of what we, and everything else in this world, may become.

Letter to the Editor: Feb. 11 2009
Harvey Rich
February 12, 2009

Your answer is very controlled and nicely reasoned. It is hard to do that when the original essay has been vitriolic and ideological. When you are dealing with human behavior, right is seldom just on one side. Causes, built into complex history, have effects. In this case it also seems clear to me that the timing of the invasion of Gaza has everything to do with the Israeli elections just held.

The animosities of the Middle East have taken decades and longer to built into intractable ideologies on both sides. It does absolutely no good for world peace to continue along the same path and expect anything but more animosity when ideologically explosive essays such as that by Klein are disseminated. You point out that perhaps this can be the start of a dialog. I hope so. It dismays me that the Sundial would even print such a piece without a counter piece alongside it.

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