Bunnies, drum pads and Bobb Bruno

Alexander Viray

Bobb Bruno.

At first you’d think there’s nothing peculiar about him. He’s an Asian man with long hair and regular street clothes. But on stage, Bruno embodies a unique alter-ego.

When Bruno performed at The Smell he laid half a dozen stuffed animals in front of his electronic drum machine. The stuffed animals ranged from a koala to a stuffed doll of a person. Bruno also had a small felt banner with cut outs of animal heads hanging from his electronic drum machine. It was reminiscent of an elementary school art project, but nevertheless the banner added a great deal of intrigue to what Bruno had in store for the crowd.

To top it off, when Bruno came out to perform, he wore a bunny costume complete with a giant bunny head. To say the performance was different would be a bit of an understatement.

Bruno put on a show that displayed a great deal of talent and skill on his part. He played only an electronic drum machine, which couldn’t have been any bigger than the size of a VCR. Bruno also used a couple of effect pedals that seemed that they were made for guitars, but he somehow incorporated them into his electronic drum machine.

Musically, Bruno played an interesting mix of electronica that he performed all by himself. The songs ranged in style, from mellow tunes to hard hitting tracks. Bruno mixed spacey effects and slow beats that one could relax to on certain songs. He also used a good array of sounds that included loop tracks of guitars and piano. In one of the songs in particular, Bruno used a heavy guitar sample that was unexpected but sounded very catchy. He exhibits plenty of skill in his ability to create captivating experimental electronica while being limited to himself, his small drum machine and his few effect pedals.

‘I’ve never seen him, it was cool,’ said Thomas Quickel, who attended the show. ‘I was surprised to see that one little box had so many capabilities.’

The talent that Bruno displayed showed how much dedication and effort he puts into creating a show that is both fascinating musically and visually out of the ordinary.

Despite the small crowd, Bruno didn’t disappoint and the audience really enjoyed his performance. ‘ ‘ ‘