Rocking out at the pub

Matt Villa

The same people that put on the ‘Big Show,’ the free outdoor concert where Common performed last year, are bringing more free shows for students to enjoy.

Jam Session Wednesdays at The Pub Sports Grill is an event that Associate Students (A.S.) funds through their project SPACE.’ ‘ The A.S. budget used to cover concerts, cultural events, lectures and special events has extended their efforts to bring local talent into the pub.’ Artists are given a 4 to 5 p.m. time slot on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

‘A.S. has dealt with big shows like when Common played, but there is also a lot that goes into putting on these smaller shows.’ A.S. must provide a P.A. system, A.V. technician, on top of renting out of the Pub’s space,’ said Ali Garcia, the concert coordinator.

So far, the genre of music varies and most of the acts have been non-CSUN students.’ The Verbs were one of the first to launch the Pub Jam Sessions, and they were the test-run to how smoothly future events can be.

‘Verbs are my rap group that is composed of me, a DJ, and a drummer.’ There was some technical difficulties regarding the microphone system that was provided, but Ali Garcia ended up smoothing everything out. I would advise any future acts to make sure the P.A. system is on point,’ said lead rapper Kyle Guy of the Verbs.

Artists are paid for their performances. However, if you are a CSUN student who wants to perform, don’t expect to get paid.’ Although A.S. is still open to more band submissions, they can’t pay acts that have CSUN students.

Next month’s line-up includes Audible Mainframe and Smiles’mdash;two artists with very different sounds.’ Audible Mainframe embodies a positive hip-hop sound while Smiles veer off into a more punk, garage and folk vibe.’ A.S. is still taking submissions for more acts to put on in the coming months. For event and booking information contact Ali Garcia at or call (818) 677-2966.