Get to know … #33 Ashley Blake!

Eric Gonzalez

Full Name: Ashley Audrey Blake
Date of birth:’ October 11, 1986
Place of birth: Las Vegas, Nevada

Height: 5’5′
Experience: 3 years
Major: Sociology
Class: Senior

Position: Guard’ ‘ ‘
Averages:’ 8.6 points, 2.1 assists, 1.2 steals
Percentages: (.340) field goals, (.319) 3-pointers.


Food – Chicken Caesar Salad
Band – The Fray
Movie – Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Song – Any Lil’ Wayne song
Athlete – Clippers’ guard Baron Davis


Greatest difficulty – ‘Being my worst enemy (toughest critic).’
Greatest goal accomplished ‘- ‘Making it through college.’
Most embarrassing moment ‘- ‘Once, I completely missed the basket on a wide-open layup’
Hobbies – ‘Shopping. I love shoes’


Best part of my game ‘- ‘My jumper and shooting beyond the arc’
Part of my game that needs improvement ‘- ‘Rebounding.’
Best player I’ve played against so far – ‘Kemie Nkele, from UC Riverside.’
Player I pattern my game after – ‘No one. I try to be myself.’
Pre-game rituals – ‘I have to talk to my mom and have her wish me luck.’
Superstitions -‘ None


Team – ‘Make it to the Big West Tournament.’
Individual – ‘Whatever I can to make my team better.’
Future – ‘Continue getting better in everything that I do because no one can ever be perfect.’


My first sports ‘- ‘I played soccer from first through fourth grade.’
When I started playing basketball – ‘When I was in sixth grade. I was so excited to make the team.’
What I do to stay in shape during the offseason’ – ‘I like to try different workouts, like working out with football players. I barely ever work out with girls, pretty much just with guys.’
Person I would like to meet – ‘Lil’ Wayne’
Possible career – ‘I think I would like to be a Parole Officer. I hear they make good money.’