Orange Grove Campus Life

Orange Grove Campus Life

Luis Rivas

Reihaneh Ghazi, 28, Biology major and Parya Bannazadeh, 30, Chemistry major will be taking lots of oranges at their upcoming Haftsin Persian celebration. Photo credit by Karla Henry/Daily Sundial

CSUN’s Orange Grove is located in the southeast side of campus, behind the Valley Performing Arts Center, Jeanne Chisholm Hall and Monterey Hall.

Featuring more than 400 orange trees, this campus spot harks back to the San Fernando Valley’s heavily agricultural past. The Orange Grove is not just enjoyed by CSUN students, faculty and staff, but also outside guests.

In addition to the hundreds of trees, the five-acre Orange Grove is also home to a botanical pond featuring a 270-foot stream and a natural spring well, that provides a home to wildlife such as red-eared slider turtles, koi and goldfish and ducks.

Students, faculty, staff and the public come here to enjoy quiet time for relaxation, with many taking the opportunity to do homework, read or feed the ducks.
Its pathways are wheelchair accessible and well-lit for nighttime strolls.

Mother and Daughter Esperanza Sanchez, 68, and Angelica Cervantez,48, come to the Orange Grove because they love the smell of the orange trees. Photo credit by Karla Henry/Daily Sundial
Junior Tanekeo Marcus, 23, Communications major came to the Orange grove for the first time and loved it. Photo credit by Karla Henry/ Daily Sundial
Senior Logan Porrazo, 26, Environmental Biology major says that the bugs he captures are used in his animology class which is the study of insects. Photo credit by Karla Henry/Daily Sundial