Firm to conduct feasibility study on A.S. Recycling

Laura Stace

The Associated Students Recycling Services is gearing up for some changes as it begins the process of choosing a firm to conduct a limited scope feasibility study.

A.S. allocated $7,500 from its capital reserve for the project Feb. 17.

Campus architect Nathaniel Wilson said in the next few weeks he expects to interview three qualified firms and will decide which will conduct the study.

Once the firm is selected, Wilson said the study should be completed by June.

‘We would like to be able to expand and build a facility that would service the campus better,’ said Recycling Coordinator Cyndi Signett.

Signett said an improvement she would suggest is having the A.S. Recycling Service offices closer to the recycling facility.

Signett also said she would like to have showers on-site for recycling workers.

Recycling Field Assistants Gisselle Jaen and Cristian Munoz sort recycling and said they get a little dirty on the job.

‘I don’t really mind getting dirty as what we are doing is for the environment,’ said Munoz who is a junior environmental and occupational health student.

‘Mother Earth has taken care of me, so I might as well take care of her,’ said Jaen, a sophomore political science student.

Wilson said that A.S. Recycling Services will be coordinating the participation of interested students and faculty in the feasibility study, including those from the business school.