‘Street Fighter’ doesn’t kick high enough

Alexander Viray

‘Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li’ opened up this weekend with high hopes. The adaption of a popular video game to the big screen has been done many times over, and the ‘Street Fighter’ franchise is no stranger to the field. The original ‘Street Fighter’ movie debuted in 1994 and barely did justice to the mega franchise. ‘The Legend of Chun-Li’ seeks to redeem itself in the movie remake of the classic video game.

Unfortunately, the new Street Fighter movie is plagued with a predictable story line and uninspired plot twists that make ‘The Legend of Chun-Li’ another tiresome and rehashed action-flick. It tells of the story of Chun-Li, whose father is kidnapped right before her eyes, and her quest for revenge. She learns martial arts at a young age and ventures off on her own, running into bad guys along the way and eventually getting a chance at payback.

‘ Kristen Kreuk’s performance as Chun-Li was engaging. She was able to balance the emotional side and the strong-willed side of the character with perfect balance, but it wasn’t enough to save the drab plot.

Chris Klein’s role as an Interpol detective seemed very out of place. It was hard to watch him try to pull off his role. His lines were unoriginal and monotone, making his performance almost unbearable to watch.

The film’s action scenes made the movie somewhat more appealing. The martial arts were enthralling, but failed to achieve anything groundbreaking. There were times when 50 bad guys with machine guns would engage 50 cops with machine guns, and miraculously all of the main characters escaped unscathed.

Considering that this movie is an adaption from a video game, some leeway must be given. But the fact that this is a re-installment and a second chance to make right what went wrong in the first movie doesn’t speak well for the sequel ‘Street Fighter’ film. The fight scenes are fairly interesting, but it doesn’t make up for the derivative story line or uninspired outcome.

Two out of five stars.