‘In the Mood’ is nostalgic and delightful

Aubrey Canfield

‘In the Mood’ sold out’ at the Plaza Del Sol Performance Hall on Friday Feb. 27, 2009. It seems audiences of all ages are clamoring for an evocative trip into yesteryear. The show is cleverly structured, featuring an emcee who takes you back in time through music and dance.

Bud Forrest, producer and musical director, conducts the String of Pearls Orchestra, which sits gracefully on stage in resemblance of a hot 1940s nightclub such as the Copacabana. ‘In the Mood’ is structured much like a musical review with barbershop quartets, swing dance numbers and quaint costumes.

During the show the emcee travels with the audience through the late thirties to the mid forties, introducing each number as a tribute to current events happening in America at that time. Songs such as ‘Over There’ and ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ signaled the dawn of World War Two.

From duets to solos, quartets to couplets, the singer’s nostalgic crooning brought us back to memories of Glenn Miller and the Andrew’s Sisters. Surprisingly enough the singers and musicians all did double duty. During one of the musical numbers the emcee surprised all by grabbing a saxophone and playing along with the orchestra. The orchestra themselves took center stage during ‘Over There’ by putting down their instruments and singing along. Such a diverse group of performers deserve quite a bit of credit.

‘In the Mood’ was heartwarming and simply delightful. The company will continue their tour throughout California, no doubt delighting all audiences to come.